What You Need to Look Out For as a Pet Owner

What You Need to Look Out For as a Pet Owner   We love our dogs and our dogs love summer time - plenty of walks, trips to the woods or the beach, and lots of rolling around in the grass!  We won’t be getting much rain this summer, but wet, muddy paw prints aren’t the only thing you should worry about the pets dragging in!  Allergens and bacteria Like we said, our furry friends love to roll around and frolic - on the grass, under trees and in bushes! They have lots of fun, but they usually end up [...]

Protecting Your Carpets in Summer: How to Keep Them Clean

Protecting Your Carpets in Summer: How to Keep Them Clean It’s that time of year again and summer has finally rolled around. Barbecues, beach days, kids playing out and plenty of dog walking. We all enjoy a bit of fun in the sun – our carpets? Not so much! They have to fight off dust, dirt, grime and sneaky houseguests like bacteria. Summer is also prime time for mould growth in carpets! So how do you keep your carpets clean and protected in summer? 1. Vacuum regularly It goes without saying that vacuuming your carpets frequently is a must in [...]

How to Identify Mould Growth in Carpets

How to Identify Mould Growth in Carpets Carpets make our homes feel cosy, warm and inviting. They typically don’t require much upkeep, but the biggest downside to carpet is the susceptibility to mould growth – and nobody likes the idea of walking on carpet when there’s something nasty lingering underneath. So how can you spot mould growth in your carpets? How can you prevent it? How does mould grow on carpets? Mould growth is a nightmare in any home. It smells odd, it can be difficult to remove and it can cause health problems in the long term. Household members [...]

How to Clean Slate Flooring

How to Clean Slate Flooring Slate flooring is a highly popular natural stone tile, and it is easy to see why! It provides a warm, unique and beautifully rustic appearance to the home. Like all natural stone flooring, you should clean and seal slate tiles regularly to maintain their properties. If you’re going to be shelling out for slate flooring anytime soon, you will want to know how to keep it looking its very best! How to Clean Stains on Slate Flooring Mix a small amount of rubbing alcohol, approximately 120ml, with water Dampen a cloth and wipe at the [...]

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Hardstone vs. Vinyl – What You Need to Know

Hardstone vs Vinyl flooring – What You Need to Know Picking new flooring for your home can seem impossible! These days we have so much choice it’s overwhelming. Which type of flooring is the easiest to clean? Which are most suitable for homes with pets and children? What do I need to do to keep them looking their best? There’s so much to consider that we’ve compiled a basic cheat sheet to help you choose the next look for your home! Vinyl Flooring There are two main types of vinyl flooring – Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) and vinyl roll. LVT [...]

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The Top Benefits of Cleaning Your Upholstery

The Top Benefits of Cleaning Your Upholstery Upholstered furniture is the cosy backbone of a home. We curl up in our favourite chair with a hot drink and biscuit, we collapse on the sofa after a long day at work, maybe even cosy up and have a cuddle with the pets. Running the vacuum through the house and over the carpets is a day-to-day task for most of us, but we tend to neglect our lovely sofas and chairs.  What are the top benefits of cleaning your upholstery? Aesthetics Shallow as it may seem, aesthetics are important in the home! [...]

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How to keep marble floors clean

How to keep marble floors clean Marble floors make a stunning feature in any room. They bring a shiny, modern feel to the home and they are sure to pull in a compliment or two! As beautiful as marble tiles are, they can be tricky to clean if you are unsure of the right process and we know it can be frustrating scrubbing away at one stain without result. We don’t want to cause any damage to those lovely (and quite pricey!) marble tiles, so we thought we’d clue you in below! Why does marble stain so easily? Marble is [...]

Why you should invest in carpet protectant before Christmas

Why you should invest in carpet protectants before Christmas Christmas is upon us and we are always told that it is the most wonderful time of the year…it’s not so wonderful for our carpets though! Glasses of wine being poured and spilled (which we have some handy tips to deal with HERE on our blog), high foot traffic from visitors and family members, wrapping paper is strewn about the living room, not to mention the tree that has lived in a dusty attic or cupboard all year… There’s nothing better than a fresh, clean carpet and the peace of mind [...]


WATER DAMAGED CARPETS – KNOWING HOW AND WHEN TO CLEAN WATER STAINS Carpets are a wonderful addition to any space, they make us feel warm and cosy but any unsightly stains or unpleasant odours can ruin the feel of your home. Water damaged carpets can be tricky to deal with, when water is spilt onto a carpet it lifts unseen dirt and grime to the top along with sediments in the water and it leaves a stain behind as it dries. The first thing you should do when planning to remove a water stain is to find the source of [...]


CARPET CLEANING: YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR We all love a good bargain. The rise of online shopping and price comparison websites means we all get to enjoy the best deals on popular products, seeking out the cheapest prices to avoid paying over the odds. When you buy a branded product at a good price, you know that you will have the option to return it if fails to meet expectations. However, when it comes to cheap carpet cleaning services, the situation is not so clear-cut. Many homeowners and tenants make the mistake of using a cheap carpet cleaning [...]