CARPET CLEANING: YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR We all love a good bargain. The rise of online shopping and price comparison websites means we all get to enjoy the best deals on popular products, seeking out the cheapest prices to avoid paying over the odds. When you buy a branded product at a good price, you know that you will have the option to return it if fails to meet expectations. However, when it comes to cheap carpet cleaning services, the situation is not so clear-cut. Many homeowners and tenants make the mistake of using a cheap carpet cleaning [...]

How to maintain your carpets after a professional cleaning

How to maintain your carpets after a professional cleaning  You’ve had your carpets professionally cleaned, so now what?   It's important to maintain the cleanliness of your carpets up until your next scheduled clean. Not only will this benefit your health and indoor air quality, but it will also extend the life of your carpet. Here at XL Cleaners, we want you to get the most out  of our services and have put together some handy tips below to help you keep your carpets clean until you have them professionally cleaned again: Wait before moving furniture back into place Keep off [...]


HOW TO KEEP YOUR VACUUM CLEANER IN TIP-TOP CONDITION Seen as the humble vacuum cleaner is the main tool used for keeping our carpets and rugs clean in the home, we thought we would share some of our top tips on how to keep your vacuum cleaner in tip-top condition. Here goes:    1. Replace the bag This seems obvious but one of the biggest mistakes people make is forgetting to replace the bag. This must be done on a regular basis, not just when the bag is 100% full.  Vacuum cleaners work best when the bag is up to [...]


BEST METHOD FOR REMOVING MUD FROM YOUR CARPETS   It rains on an average of 133 days of the year in the UK, so is it any wonder we have a problem with mud on our carpets.  We love our children and pets, but they are the biggest offenders when it comes to traipsing mud in from the outdoors. We’ve all had that internal panic when you see fresh mud on the carpet and the urge to aggressively rub it all away, only to find that this actually makes matters much worse. We have taken a look at all the [...]

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CAN I HAVE MY CARPETS CLEANED DURING LOCKDOWN? Many of us struggle with the work-life balance as it is, add a lockdown into the mix, things can become pretty stressful.  With everyone spending more and more time at home, it being the winter months when there is a lot more mud, dirt, and grime around, having your carpets professionally cleaned will feel like it’s needed more than ever. The question is can you have your carpets professionally cleaned during a lockdown? In short, the answer is yes. As we all know England must now operate within a nationwide lockdown system [...]

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Why Should I Have My Carpets and Upholstery Cleaned in Winter?

With the nights drawing in and the winter months upon us, we tend to want to hibernate, close the windows and turn on the heating.  This year with the current pandemic we are being asked to stay indoors more than ever before. So, the question is should I have my carpets and upholstery cleaned in winter? Many of us will probably be thinking of delaying the carpet cleaning until spring arrives, however you may want to think again.  There are many valid reasons to have your carpets and upholstery cleaned this winter. The main one being those wet and muddy [...]

How Best to Remove Paint Stains From Carpets

You’ve spilt paint on your nice new carpet and your first thought is to panic.  Don’t all is not lost.  In this months blog, we are going to take you through the different ways on how to best remove paint stains from your carpets. Before we get into the nitty-gritty of how to clean paint stains lets start with some basics about the types of paint and how to dissolve them. This will depend on their ingredients. Most paints have three main components, which are: a pigment, a binder, and a solvent. Sometimes an additive is included to improve the [...]

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Top Carpet Cleaning Tips All Pet Owners Will Want to Know

Being a nation of animal lovers, we all know just how much joy and happiness our pets bring into our lives and homes.  We also know the struggle we have with them from time to time keeping our homes clean. No matter how well trained or well mannered our pets are, accidents will happen, its all just a matter of time. A lot of pet owners find themselves stressed out trying to keep on top of the additional cleaning needed, especially when we bring home a puppy, from muddy paws and pet hair to emergency messes. We have put together [...]


COMMON MYTHS AND MISTAKES WHEN IT COMES TO CARPET CLEANING:   There are plenty of common myths and mistakes made when it comes to carpet cleaning.  From wet carpets take ages to dry to woolen carpets shrink when cleaned. Today we are going to talk about some of the most common myths and mistakes of the carpet cleaning world to help remove the fact from the fiction so you can take better care of your carpets. MTYH: Carpets take days to dry after cleaning This myth is true to some extent, as carpets can take days to dry but only [...]


  THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO KEEPING YOUR CARPETS CLEAN   Our carpets and flooring are the focal points in our home. We want our visitors to feel welcome and we want to give a good impression.  Having clean carpets creates the best impression as well as giving our home that fresh and welcoming feeling. Neglecting our carpets can leave our guests with the wrong impression that we are unhygienic, and our home becomes less inviting. Yes, it is true that over time our carpets age and become worn but there are some key steps we can take to maintain their [...]